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Account Payable

The system is designed to connect with inventory system via function that supports the receiving of the entire stock item that will transfer the invoice
transaction into the account payable automatically.


Account Receivable

System is designed to integrate with the front office system which enables to transfer the transactions, settled to the front office by the time of guest checked out into the account receivable automatically.


General Ledger

Focused on centralizing the entire module together to efficiently manage the hotel, making it a total solution integrated to General Ledger to Front Office,Account Payable and Account Receivable Systems.


Fixed Asset

Fixed Assets module of Back Office System provides a comprehensive system to track your capital expenditures and calculate and then produce a depreciation report and also  bar code generator.


Inventory Control

A controlling system which is connected to the account payable and point of sale systems also including Puchasing module from market list, generate PR and PO to verifying and system approval.


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